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Basin Wastewater Solutions has been an excellent vendor. I would highly recommend their service and hope they will be a vendor on my next rig. – Benjamin Hatch, Rig Manager, H-P.


Working in North Dakota brings multiple challenges to a drilling site due to the bitter cold winters. Basin Wastewater Solutions promised no freeze ups or issues with the sewer system during the winter months in North Dakota. It’s been three years without a frozen water or sewer line! I would recommend Basin Wastewater Solutions to any industry needing on-site waste processing. – Ian Harris, Drill Site Manager, Oxy.


The Basin Wastewater Solutions system is the best I have ever been around. You do not lose any of the water that goes into the system like you would on a conventional system. I would highly recommend the system to anyone. – Darrel Jordan, Drill Site Manager, Oxy.


Basin Wastewater Solutions has been very beneficial to our operations in North Dakota. They help reduce our costs, minimizing the freshwater hauled in and waste hauled out. Their remote monitoring of the wastewater system means they know when there is a problem before the onsite personal do. I would recommend them to any operation, anywhere!! – Danny Howell, Drilling Superintendent, Oxy.


Basin Wastewater Solutions, over the years, has provided me with excellent service. They have always gone out of their way to ensure there are no issues with the houses, running water, and sewer. They do work above and beyond their scope just to ensure our operation continue to run smoothly. I would recommend their service to any oil and gas company seeking a greener alternative to disposing of hazardous waste. – Dakota Breier, Rig Manager, Nabors X-20.



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